Beth Marshall

Sunday School Coordinator

Beth grew up in a Methodist church in the Midwest during which time she was lucky enough to have a few amazing Sunday School teachers and adult mentors influence her life and church experience.  Having been confirmed in the church in 8th grade, she continued her church involvement throughout high school thanks to a youth fellowship program in her church.  As she started her adult life, she relied heavily on the faith base her church had provided her while growing up.  Having been raised in a family where science and religion were not considered incompatible in any way, she pursued undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biochemistry while continuing her involvement in various churches.  She started volunteering as a Sunday School teacher while in graduate school, and loved the opportunity to perhaps influence a young child in the way her Sunday School teachers had influenced her.  She was a leader in the ministry, not only teaching but also bringing contemporary worship to the elementary aged children in the church.

During graduate school Beth became a mom for the first time and life led her to decide to focus more on her family.  She followed her husband Nick to Texas and then ultimately to New Jersey as he followed his career path.  After getting settled in Cranford, she joined the Sunday School teachers at First Presbyterian Church and then had the opportunity to take on the role of Sunday School Coordinator.  This role allows her plenty of time to focus on her growing family, while contributing to a cause she is passionate about.  Her goal for this ministry is that every child that comes through the Sunday School classrooms at First Presbyterian will feel loved and at home there.  She knows from personal experience the importance of having wonderful Sunday School teachers in a child’s life, and wants to ensure each child feels loved and at home in the church before they enter the sometimes murky worlds of middle and high school where faith can at times be hard to maintain.  She knows a strong foundation will help them navigate life’s challenges and prepare them for youth and adult ministries as they get older.  Beth can be reached at 908-276-8440 ext 15 or