Team Highlights

Stewardship and Memorial Fund Team

  • Encouraging members and friends to reflect, pray, and be thankful for our abundant blessings that are gifts from God, leading to heartfelt giving as each person is able

Worship and Music Team

  • To develop and support our congregation’s worship life

Adult Ministries Team

  • Provide leadership and material resources for regularly scheduled Sunday morning and occasional mid-week education opportunities for all members and friends of the congregation
  • Provide leadership, oversight and material resources for small-group Bible studies, discussions and/or forums, as appropriate

Service & Mission Team

  • To provide opportunities for the congregation to experience the transformational powers of Christ through serving others

Members, Visitors and Fellowship Team

  • To provide a welcoming atmosphere to visitors, repeat visitors, members and friends of the church and to provide opportunities for fellowship through social events
  • Identify and implement new methods for inviting new members to become active participants in the life and work of the church

Public Relations and Outreach (PRO) Team

  • Continually promote the ministries and events of FPCC in the community and beyond through the use of our website, social media, TV and newsprint

Children and Youth Team

  • FPCC believes in nurturing children from their baptism, where the entire congregation pledges to remain active members in each baby’s life, to when they are ready to embark from high school to their calling, by providing a foundation for faith development through Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, Community Service Opportunities and Mission Trips