Adult Ministries Team

  • Provide leadership and material resources for regularly scheduled Sunday morning and occasional mid-week education opportunities for all members and friends of the congregation
  • Provide leadership, oversight and material resources for small-group Bible studies, discussions and/or forums, as appropriate
  • Provide childcare for all Adult Education Offerings
  • To provide educational experiences that encourage and equip members and friends to discover meaningful and relevant connections between their Presbyterian Christian faith in Jesus Christ and living in today’s world. These educational experiences can be fostered, for example, through book studies, music, art, field trips and keynote speakers.
  • To develop and offer a comprehensive program of Adult Education that focuses particularly on biblical literacy (i.e. becoming better and more confident Bible readers), God’s Presence and call in current events, Presbyterian identity in relationship with other Christian and interfaith movements, and relating Christian faith to the joys and challenges of daily life.
  • To provide members and friends with opportunities for ecumenical and interfaith experience and learning.
  • To foster an atmosphere that characterizes First Presbyterian Church as a “teaching church” that encourages and equips its members and friends to learn and grow in faith throughout all stages of life.
  • To maintain and resource the Church Library with up-to-date books, electronic media and other materials to promote reading and learning as foundational to Christian faith and discipleship