Worship & Music Team

The Worship Team is a group of volunteers who work behind the scenes to enhance the worship experience in our sanctuary and chapel. Worship is a communal experience and combines the voices and prayers of the pastors and people as well as the visual beauty of the space, the music, and adherence to the traditional colors and d├ęcor of the church calendar.

Many folks help the Worship Team prepare the main sanctuary for major holy days: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter; as well as Ash Wednesday, Pentecost, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, and even days when baptisms are held. We hang banners appropriate to the occasion, and see that the chancel is beautified with flowers each week. We work with the Church Administrator to order supplies such as candles and communion cups, as well as Sunday flowers. During the summer, when we worship in the air-conditioned Snyder Chapel, Worship Team ensures that everything is prepared there as well.

On a regular basis, the Worship Team cleans up the pews, making sure that envelopes, prayer cards, special offering envelopes and pledge cards are in sufficient supply, pencils are sharpened and hymnals and Bibles are plentiful. We bring to the attention of Deacons or Trustees any cleaning or repairs that might be needed.

So many aspects of worship come into play through our team: choirs, instrumental music, sound system, paraments, candles, banners, flowers and decorations. We are proud and pleased to be an integral part of making First Pres. Cranford a beautiful and sacred space in which to worship God.