Looking for Ways to Give Back?

Church isn’t just about attending a service on Sundays, although we hope you do. Instead, it is a place to get involved in the community and grow your faith. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for individuals and families to become isolated.

The Christian and Presbyterian conviction is that a true life of faith in Christ is lived out in community. The renewing, transforming Spirit of Life does its best work when the walls that divide us are broken down, and that, as Jesus promises, “where two or three are gathered, there I am also.”

Ongoing opportunities for “hands-on” outreach to others includes:

• The FISH program welcomes homeless families into our “church home” several times each year.

• For more than 25 years, the  Cranford-Elmora Soup Kitchen hosts and provides meals for hungry neighbors.

• We support the Agape Community Kitchen by providing meals.

• During the coldest months of the year, Operation Warm Heart  at FPC houses and feeds the homeless on Tuesday nights.

• With Knitting for Needs, FPC helps provide afghans for people going through cancer treatment.

• On Trustees Work Days (first Saturday of each month) bring your time and talents to help maintain and improve the church’s building and grounds.

Pray First in the Chapel—or wherever you are—every Wednesday morning from 10am to 10:30am for quiet, personal prayer with the congregation.

• FPC’s Sunday School serves our youth and is always welcome to new teachers and assistants who can help the children better understand the love of Jesus Christ.

Presbyterian Women, an independent mission organization within the Presbyterian Church (USA), is a inclusive, caring community of women that conducts communal Bible study and supports the mission of the PC(USA) worldwide.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast is every Wednesday at 630 am at the Rustic Mill Diner in Cranford, NJ.

Mission Trips offer opportunities to volunteer outside of the local neighborhood.

Adult, youth and bell choirs  provide a means for you to express your faith through music.

Educational offerings include adult educational series, Bible exploration and more.

Membership Exploration  helps non-members explore the Presbyterian Faith and what being active member means.

Youth Fellowship  provides an outlet for Middle and High School age youth to gather in safe and nurturing environment for community service, high-energy activities, Bible study and retreats.