Looking for Ways to Give Back?

Church isn’t just about attending a service on Sundays, although we hope you do.  The First Presbyterian Church of Cranford (FPCC) provides many opportunities for the congregation and community to experience the transformational powers of Christ through serving others.

Ongoing opportunities for “hands-on” service to others include:


The Cranford-Elmora Soup Kitchen has been providing meals for our hungry neighbors for over 30 years.  FPCC members make up two out of seven teams that cook for and serve approximately 100 men, women and children at the First Baptist Church in Elizabeth each Sunday afternoon.


FPCC is blessed with a physical plant that allows us to welcome, through the FISH program, homeless families who are in need of transitional housing.  Our guests are hosted by members of the congregation and friends from the community for two week long stays and their meals are provided by our Church and others in Cranford.

We will be hosting our guests again in the Fall of 2020 and encourage everyone to experience this  meaningful ministry.


FPCC is an active participant in this program of the Elizabeth Coalition for the Homeless.   Every Tuesday evening in the cold months from November to March, the Coalition van transports up to 15 individuals  from Elizabeth who would otherwise be sleeping on the street.   The church provides cots, a shower, and a washer and dryer for doing laundry. Volunteers provide hot meals, takeaway breakfasts, blood pressure monitoring, social service advice, legal advice, haircuts, and hospitality.


In collaboration with the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, FPCC provides meals for the Agape Community Kitchen that are served each Wednesday evening at First Church in Elizabeth.  Two teams of Church members prepare trays of hot food each month that feed an average of 300 men, women, and children.  In 2019, Agape served over 8000 meals.

If you are interested in being part of any of the the above “hands-on” teams, please contact the church office at 908-276-8440.

Other ways to get involved and volunteer at the church:

Volunteer at Trustees Work Days – on the first Saturday of each month bring your rake or garden gloves and help maintain and improve the church’s building and grounds.

Teach Sunday School – We welcome volunteer teachers and high-school aged assistants who can help the children better understand the love of Jesus Christ.

Join Presbyterian Women, an independent mission organization within the Presbyterian Church (USA), is a inclusive, caring community of women that conducts communal Bible study and supports the mission of the PC(USA) worldwide.

Attend the Men’s Prayer Breakfast – every Wednesday at 630 am at the Rustic Mill Diner in Cranford, NJ.

Travel – Adult and Youth Mission Trips offer opportunities to volunteer locally, regionally and internationally.

Sing and Play – Adult, Contemporary, youth and bell choirs provide a means to express your faith through music.

Read and Study – Educational offerings include adult educational series, Bible exploration and more.

Attend Membership Exploration  Class – explore the Presbyterian Faith and what being active member means. Classes are offered periodically based on interest.

Join Youth Fellowship  – Youth Fellowship provides an outlet for Middle and High School age youth to gather in safe and nurturing environment for community service, high-energy activities, Bible study, Mission trips and retreats.