Grief Seminar Testimonials

Here’s what seminar participants have to say about “Journey to Wholeness, Healing the Grieving Heart”

From an April 2019 participant:

“Simply put, the grief seminar was truly an inspiring and learning experience. The sudden loss of my partner/husband Jorge turned my life upside down. The seminar gave me tools to begin the work and navigate through my grief. Also, the support and bonds created with staff and fellow grievers will last a lifetime. Remember this is your new journey. Do everything possible to bring YOU back. Special thanks to Patti, Virginia and all the facilitators who guided, directed and inspired all of us.
Forever grateful, with love, Eddie”

Other Testimonials:

On week 8 Mary Jane came to the last night of the grief seminar smiling from ear to ear. She attended all the weeks of the seminar with a broken arm and a friend brought her each week. Mary Jane shared with the group:

“Today was the first day that I was able and felt like washing my hair, putting on make up, dressing up and driving myself here”.

She looked beautiful!  Quite a transformation since her husband’s passing and participating in the grief seminar.

Eric who recently lost his mother and previously lost his brother, shared:

“Today I used my mom’s recipe and and her cooking bowls etc. to make the cake I brought to share with everyone tonight.  I felt like she was with me and guiding me the whole time.” 
The cake was delicious!!

Healing, transformation, connections- making new friendships, going from tears to laughter is what we experience in the Journey to Wholeness grief seminar time after time, year after year.  That’s why we love what we do.  Thank you to all participants, facilitators and volunteers!