Grief Support Group

What if I need more help coping with Grief?

The Grief Support Group meets every Sunday evening, except when the 8-week “Journey to Wholeness – Healing the Grieving Heart” Series is running.  The Journey to Wholeness Seminar is offered three to four times per year, depending on need.

Below is a sample of topics covered in the grief support group meetings:

 “Creating Cherishable Memories” through beautiful meaningful photos/books.

“Self Care”– learning wonderful new ways to take care of ourselves and heal.

“Using Origami to Remember Our Departed Loved Ones”– a beautiful way to remember and celebrate our loved ones lives”.

“Calling All Angels”

“Communicating with Family and Friends Regarding Our Loss/More about Coping with Loneliness”

“Exploring the Hereafter”

“Resurrection and Growth/Rebirthing Yourself”

These are the topics generated at our support group session.  Thank you to all!

Please note that the support groups sessions will be held in Mettam Lounge from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.  Please be prompt in respect to the presenter.

Please note also that this schedule is subject to change.

*If you are attending the support group and have not attended the 8-week seminar, Please register for the next Seminar starting April 11, 2021