The Sunday Bulletin for September 20, 2020

Join us on Facebook or YouTube at 10:00 AM! Download your bulletin and follow along. Sunday Bulletin September 20 2020_s

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August 30, 2020 Collaborative Worship Service

Presented by the Churches of the Elizabeth Presbytery Join Presbyterian Churches from Cliton, Rahway, Fanwood, Elizabeth and Iselin for a blended worship service! Click here to view on Facebook or YouTube

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The Sunday Bulletin for August 23, 2020

COVID Picnic

Join the Livestream @ 10:00 AM on Facebook or YouTube and follow along! Download your bulletin here: Sunday Bulletin Aug 23_s

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Sunday Live-Stream and Bulletin for August 9, 2020

Watch on Facebook Live or YouTube at 10:00 am tomorrow! Then join your church family for a picnic on the grassy area over at Gray Funeral Home. Don’t forget your donation for Cranford Family Care! Sunday Bulletin August 9 2020_s

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