A Partnership Feeds the Hungry and Increases Census Participation!

Recently the Cranford-Elmora Soup Kitchen, a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Cranford, NJ,  partnered with Community Access Unlimited of Elizabeth to hold a Census drive. Through a state Census grant, Community Access Unlimited  provided the funds to make 120 sandwiches to fill mobile picnic lunch bags which were then distributed outside of First Baptist Church in Elizabeth. The Census Bureau provided the individual to assist with the signups.  We were able to sign up 11 family units.

For more than 30 years, the members and friends of First Presbyterian Church of Cranford, NJ have worked each Sunday afternoon to feed more than 100 individuals at the First Baptist Church in Elizabeth. That ministry has had to go “mobile” since the first weekend in March. Unbelievably, more than 2,200 bagged soup and sandwich picnic lunches have been distributed to our guests. The bags include a protein rich sandwich, water, a pastry, fresh fruit, a Kind Bar, a bag of chips and a container of fruit or apple sauce or other nutritious snacks.

Partnership Leads to increased Census participation

Census Sign-up outside First Baptist Church in Elizabeth, NJ

Donations of cases of spring water, variety packs of small bag snacks of chips, popcorn, Fritos, Cheetos, granola bars, packages of squeezable applesauce and small plastic containers of fruit or any individually portioned nutritious snacks are gladly accepted and can be dropped off at 210 Oak Lane or 15 Waverly Place in Cranford.