Announcing “MorningSong” Tuesday Morning Prayer Service

Morning In-Person Prayer Service

We know everyone misses the community and fellowship of in-person worship. However, we want to move cautiously and safely along the road toward the “new normal.” This means trying some new things in socially distanced settings with proper precautions in place.
The Worship Team along with Pastor Leigh Gillis is excited to announce a weekly service of morning prayer beginning this Tuesday, June 23 at 7:30 A.M. You are welcome to gather in-person for “Morningsong” in the air-conditioned Dorothy Snyder Chapel.
The service will consist of scripture, prayer, meditative music (from CD) and a brief word from Pastor Leigh. Masks are required. The service will be limited to 20-25 people depending on individuals, duos, or family groupings. Individuals or groups will be expected to socially distance every other pew on opposite ends of the chapel pews. Your Session met this way last week successfully.
We look forward to seeing you early risers or folks on the way to work for this special worship time together.