Grief Recovery Seminar Begins January 13, 2019

Free Grief Recovery Seminar


The First Presbyterian Church of Cranford, 11 Springfield Ave., will hold their eight-week seminar – “Journey to Wholeness- Healing the Grieving Heart” on Sunday evenings from January 13, 2019-March 3, 2019.

Patti Williams, R.N., and certified pastoral bereavement counselor, and Virginia Waters, PhD. Psychologist, will lead the sessions from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Prime Time Room at the church.  This location is handicapped accessible.  Patti and Virginia have offered this seminar for over 18 years now, and have helped about 2,800 people experience healing, find a new purpose for their lives, and feel joy once again.  This is an experience like no other.

The sessions include learning about the stages of grief and understanding the tasks of the grieving process, coping strategies, dealing with loneliness, building a support system, etc.

Both of the leaders and all of the facilitators have experienced loss within their lives and share from “the inside out”.  It does not matter if your loss is divorce, death or job loss; loss is loss, it must be grieved.  It does not matter how long ago you experienced loss.  Bring family members and friends.   All faiths are welcome.  To register for this life changing event, please call 908-709-1341No fee is chargedRegistration is required.

The seminar is dedicated to Patti’s late husband, the Rev. Dr. Bruce D. Williams who had a vision for this program wanting to help others deal with their pain and suffering during their time of loss.

“Your program has been a life saver for me.  I have learned more along this heartbreaking journey than I ever thought possible. I have  learned that you will never ever forget your love and that you are changed forever, but you need to give yourself permission to heal. I have learned that I can revisit the past, but I can not live in it, because it  undermines my present and all that I have is just today. I have learned that love never dies  and my love is with me always because he sends me signs to tell me so.These are my greatest treasures. I have learned that by keeping his memory alive with stories,photos etc. it makes me smile and brings me a kind of peace. I believe  that your loved one only wants the best for you and you will be reunited one day. ”  Judy