Mission Study Survey Link Here!

The Pastor search process has begun!  We invite all church members to make their voice heard by filling out the Mission Study Survey HERE!

The survey is the first step in finding a new pastor.  The information you supply will be collated and will help to guide the Mission Study which will be the next step in the process.  The Mission Study Team will create the Mission Study Report which will go to the Committee of Ministry of our presbytery, who gives approval for the formation of a Pastor Nominating Committee.

For this process to proceed in a useful and productive manner, your thoughts are needed.

The survey should be completed by members and regular attendees who are familiar with FPCC.

Hard copies of the survey are being mailed to those without email access and are available to anyone who would like to receive one.  Call the office at 908-276-8440 or Carol at 908-272-4731 to have a copy of the survey mailed to you.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance with this project!