Mission Team Returns from Nicaragua

The January 2019 Mission Team pauses for a picture at Jubilee House in Ciudad Sandino, outside of Managua.  Pictured from left to right, Lisa Black of the Westfield Presbyterian Church, Rev. Brooks Smith, Sarah Junkin Woodward, Director of Jubilee House, Skip Winter, Rev. David Jahnke, Pastor of the Fanwood Presbyterian , Felix from Fedi Camp in Esteli, Gerri Provost from Wilmington, North Carolina, and Miguel, Director of Fedi Camp in Esteli.  Gerri’s husband Tom was the photographer.   Sarah Woodward came to Ciudad Sandino in 1999 from North Carolina.  During the 20 years that she and her group have been in Ciudad Sandino, they have established a water project outside of the city which provides potable drinking water to the community, founded and built a health clinic and women’s center which serves those in Ciudad Sandino and have become involved in helping those in need in one of poorest areas in the country.

Skip Winter will present a Service & Mission/Adult Forum on the Nicaragua Mission Trip on Sunday, March 31 @ 11:30 AM in the Thompson Youth Center.