Sunday Bulletin for March 7, 2021

The sermon for March 7 is called “First Impressions.” We invite you to join us in-person, on Facebook Live or YouTube. As a reminder, church capacity is up to 50%! However, we still must follow the CDC guidelines requiring 6′ social distance and face coverings are required the whole time. Our hard-working air purifiers will be running (they turn over the air in 20 minutes with 99.9% purification), and the usher team will be taking your temperature and contact information at the door.
If you would like your prayers to be added to the Prayer Tree, please email them to the Church Office and the SWAT team will put them on the tree for you. Watch the tree bloom with us over the next few weeks with all your prayers!
You will also hear about a 21 day digital challenge we want to take with you, called “21 Days of Hope.” All you need to do is text the word “Hope” to our new text-in-church phone number and you will receive a prompt with instructions on how to join!
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