World Communion Sunday 2020

Did you know? World Communion Sunday is a gift of the Presbyterian Church to the larger ecumenical church. The first celebration occurred at Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1933.
The first Sunday in October is designated as World Communion Sunday, which celebrates our oneness in Christ with all our brothers and sisters around the world. Paul tells us that we are to “discern the body” when we partake of Holy Communion, mindful that we note our relationship to all our brothers and sisters in Christ in the celebration. World Communion Sunday is also a time when we receive the annual Peace and Global Witness Offering as a way of continuing the ancient Christian practice of sharing what we have with brothers and sisters in need.
Join us in this tradition of World Communion Sunday by preparing your elements at home and celebrating with us on-line. Follow along by downloading your copy of the bulletin here. Sunday Bulletin oct 4 2020_s