4/28 “Gifts of Women” Sunday Worship Service

Did you ever want to meet some of the women of the Bible? Come to worship on Gifts of Women Sunday, April 28, and hear what some of them have to say — Sarah, Miriam, Mary Magdelene and others will be present to share their fears and joys with us. Presented by …

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Bulletin for Sunday Service Sunday April 14, 2013

Sunday Bulletin

Bulletin for Sunday Service Sunday April 14, 2013 can be found here:20130414

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Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Prophet,Martyr, Spy

“Bonhoeffer: Pastor , Prophet, Martyr, Spy”…join us Sunday April 14 in room 302 at 11:30am for a screening of a discussion hosted by author Eric Metaxas on his biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Don’t know who Bonhoeffer was? He was a renowned German theologian and preacher who spoke out against Nazism in the …

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Sermon March 31, 2013

Sermon March 31, 2013-Easter Sunday: “Believe AND Belong: YOU Are Needed” Sermon by Rev. The Reverend John Christian Kile Listen HERE

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