EVM – Every Member Visitation Begins This Fall

At its August meeting, the Session endorsed the idea of an Every Member Visitation (EVM), our first in decades, to be conducted during late October and early November. The Stewardship Team brought forward this suggestion as a way to communicate face-to-face with all our members.

Why is it important that we have a visitation?

  • The first reason is to PROVIDE INFORMATION, to spread the good news about all the positive things going on in our church. The second reason is to SEEK FEEDBACK from our congregation
    on our services, programs and ministries.
  • The third reason is to RECONNECT with those who attend services infrequently and to welcome them to join us more regularly for worship and programs.
  • The fourth reason is to INVITE members to give more time, talent and treasure to continue to strengthen and broaden our mission.

During the next month we will be seeking approximately 25 volunteers working in pairs to visit 5 or 6 households each. The Stewardship Team will provide all visitors with training and materials.

If you would like to be part of a visitor team, please contact Jim Vanderhoff [908-276-5285 or] or Gary Thorn [908-272-8299 or ].