Combined Choirs

Combined Choirs

Music is a central part of this congregation’s identity and a means of glorifying God in Jesus Christ, discovering one’s gifts to deepen a life of faith, and involving all ages and voices as leaders in Sunday worship. First Presbyterian Church has an outstanding music program under the direction of Alison R. Nead. There are choirs for every age, and there is always at least one choir–and often more than one!–singing during any given Sunday worship service.

Music for Adults

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is directed by Alison R. Nead and sings every Sunday. The Chancel Choir welcomes adult singers and meets every Thursday evening to rehearse, grow in faith and fellowship, and make music to God’s glory. The Chancel Choir leads special worship services and community events throughout the year, including Christmas Eve and Holy Week services as well as the annual Christmas Party and congregation-wide supper the second Sunday in December.

  • Rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 7:30pm to 8:30pm in the Music Room

Jubilee Bells

Jubilee Bells is led by Elsa Hahn, the Jubilee Bell Choir rehearses on Thursday evenings and leads the congregation in worship on special Sundays and periodically throughout the year.

Music for Children

Westminster Choir

The Westminster Choir is made up of First Pres. teens in grades seven through twelve. They practice every Sunday after church, lead the congregation in worship on the first Sunday of each month, and receive excellent voice training from our experienced music director, Alison R. Nead.

Caroler and Crusader Choirs

These fun and educational choirs are led by Elsa Hahn, with the Caroler Choir welcoming all children in grades 1-3 and the Crusader Choir made up of children grades 4-6. Both the Caroler and Crusader Choirs rehearse every Thursday afternoon, where they are introduced to choral singing and dramatic production while learning a variety of styles of music. Children in both the Caroler and Crusader Choirs lead Sunday worship at least once each month and perform musical pageants on Christmas Eve and Mother’s Day.

Cherub Choir

At First Pres. Cranford, both children and music are central to our identity as the Family of God. The Cherub Choir, led by Kelli and Mary Bruno, is made up of children ages 2 & 1/2 to Kindergarten and rehearses every Sunday during the last fifteen minutes of their Sunday School class. The Cherub Choir provides a social time for the youngsters, introduces them to music and to singing as an essential part of a life of Christian faith, and a chance to use their gifts to enhance the whole church’s worship experience once each month.