Website Updates

To all who have inquired about items being added to the website, this describes the overall concept and process.


(Putting this section first because it’s the most used.)  If not posting as a website administrator, notify the website team:

For the committee news, please send to webmaster with the following in the subject header:
“For Website News: …” 
For the church calendar, please send to webmaster with the following in the subject header: 
“For Website Calendar: …” 
These will differentiate from any other emails — PresEvents chatter, etc. while avoiding any confusion of posting things that aren’t for posting.
I.e.: if it says “For Website News:” or “For Website Calendar: …” It will go on the website. Anything else will just be considered informational. 
  • REQUIRED Information

         The email should include at least 5 pieces of information:

  1. News/Event Name
  2. Event Date (optional for News)
  3. Event Location (optional for News)
  4. Contact name/number (or Committee Name for News)
  5. Details — ONE to THREE SENTENCES about the item.  This is important.  Remember, we are PUBLISHING and advertising to both members and the world at large. Each item should be complete, understandable, and enticingly representative of our church.  A terse entry like: “Labyrinth starts 9/3” might not attract new members or outsiders looking for a new and interesting spiritual experience.



Content creation and submission should be a part of each committee’s monthly to do items. The website is an excellent communication vehicle to the congregation and the world at large.

1) Each committee should have at least two new things to communicate each month. The best way to do this would be semi-monthly submissions.

2) Committee members can create and collect what they want to put up on the website. They can wordsmith and the vet it themselves internally (in committee).

3a) If the content is basic (and not possibly private or sensitive material), the committee can approve it and submit it for posting on the website.

3b) If content is designated sensitive or requires some kind of higher approval, it can be sent there for final approval. In the future, I can work with Mike and Pastor Chris on website content standards and guidelines. When the content is ready for posting on the website, it can be submitted to the website .

4) The website administrator (Laura Simone) will handle the posting of submissions. At that point, formatting and location can be set up and the content can be posted for public consumption.  See “PROCESS FOR POSTING WEBSITE UPDATES” for specific steps to post an item.